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About Howischain

Howischain is your final stop to all things related to water sports and water travel like: snorkeling, diving, water gears, boats, speedboats, and more!

It was founded in January 2022 by a "Jack of all trades", Chey who has always had a strong obsession with water and all things related.

Chey started sailing and "doing water things" at the age of 9 as his father worked in the marine corps before he passed on in 2012.

Our writers

Chey "Ty" Asa is the founder of howischain.com, with over 15+ years of experience in scuba diving, snorkeling. 

He has tried, and written hundreds of articles ranging from diving FAQs to outdoor gears guides, and more.

In his free time, he travels or spends time with his wife and children.
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