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How Tall Do You Need To Be To Become A Scuba Diver?

How Tall Do You Need To Be To Become A Scuba Diver?

People sometimes ask how tall you would need to be to become a scuba diver, well this could be because of the thought of scuba equipment fitting properly on the body. 

You might be wondering if height plays a significant role in scuba diving, maybe short people can not become scuba divers. 

But is that the case does height affect one's ability to scuba dive.

Stamina and strength play more factors in scuba, this is something you need to be more concerned about as you would need to lift and handle your equipment as you enter the water.

Finding a scuba tank and a fitting wetsuit that are comfortable for you while you swim while maintaining good balance is very important when you want to go scuba diving.

Maybe you are of average height or perhaps you are short and you love to explore marine life.

And you wish to go scuba diving and now the thought of how tall you need to be to become a scuba diver has plagued your mind, well we have got the answer you seek in this article.

How Tall Do You Need To Be To Become A Scuba Diver?

Height is an irrelevant factor for scuba diving, there is no height limit to become a scuba diver, and you are neither too short nor too tall to go scuba diving. 

Where height becomes a factor in your wetsuit, if you can not find the proper wetsuit that would fit you very well, then you will not be able to scuba dive. 

However, becoming a scuba diver itself has nothing to do with height.

This height issue of not finding a wetsuit that fits well is more for those who are very tall, short people can easily find a good and comfortable fitting wetsuit.

At age 10 you can become a scuba diver, and on an average person at age 10 most people are relatively very short which is normal, and at that age, you can already become a scuba diver.

So, in the end height is not a significant factor, what is important is finding the right scuba gear to fit you. 

A comfortable scuba tank, a wetsuit that fits you well, and other scuba gear that you require, once you have those you can become a scuba diver with no pressure.

Additional Information:

Does Age Affect Scuba Diving?

The age restriction varies from one agency to another when it comes to the legal age to start scuba diving. 

However, the least anyone can do to become a scuba diver is age 10. 

On rare occasions, some exceptions are made for 8-year-olds.

Children at age 8 have to be accompanied by a scuba instructor while scuba diving, and it also has to be at extremely shallow depths. 

Scuba diving certificate only gets awarded at age 10.

This is the same scuba course that adults take, but for children, there are depth restrictions in place. 

This is to prevent a child from diving any deeper than 49 feet or 12 meters, children of age 12 and above dive deeper to about 60 feet or 18 meters.

Does Weight Size Affect Scuba Diving?

You are probably wondering if weight like height affects scuba diving, it is understandable to think your body shape and weight could hinder you from exploring marine life as you scuba dive.

Just like with height, there are no rules restricting you from becoming a scuba diver due to your weight size. 

However, where weight becomes a factor is if it stops you from finding a fitting wetsuit, and if it limits your ability to carry your scuba equipment like a scuba tank while in water.

Another way weight size might affect scuba diving is when there is an emergency, it might be difficult to help a diver who is too big (obese) or a diver who is too slim.


So, there you have it, height for scuba diving itself is not a problem. 

There is no height limit, you can neither be too short nor too tall to become a scuba diver.

Finding perfect scuba equipment like wetsuit that fits well on the other hand is a different case entirely.

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