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The 5 Best Wetsuit Thickness For New England Diving

When going for a dive in New England waters it is best to have a good wetsuit thickness to keep yourself warm in the cold waters of New England.

While it might be warm on the shores of the water in summer once you get in the water for a little while you can become rather helpless to the cold that sets in as you lose the feeling of your hands, fingers, and legs.

This is why it is paramount to have the appropriate wetsuit thickness that would be perfect for New England diving, something that is just about the right thickness to give you just the right warmth while in water.

The water of New England is always cold even in summer and with that let's take a look at some of the best thickness wetsuits for New England diving.

5 Best Wetsuit Thickness For New England Diving

• ZCCO ultra-stretch 3mm neoprene wetsuit

• Seaskin unisex wetsuit

• Synergy Triathlon Thermal wetsuit

• XUKER women men wetsuit

• OMGear wetsuit men women 3mm neoprene

1. ZCCO ultra-stretch 3mm neoprene wetsuit

The ZCCO ultra stretch wetsuit is a standard 3mm thickness wetsuit, it has a unique zipper system with small four zippers at the legs and arms that allow for easy putting on and taking off.

Has an anti-abrasion knee pad design that gives amazing knee protection, it has a waterproof seal and has a neoprene inner at the arms, legs, and collar that sticks on the skin tightly allowing for less water to get in.

The tighter the ZCCO wetsuit the warmer you are, water gets in a bit just like any other wetsuit, but it warms it against your skin as quickly as possible.

2. Seaskin unisex wetsuit

The Seaskin wetsuit gives maximum warmth and protects the skin against harmful UV rays and sea lice, jellyfish, and other harmful things in water. 

It is designed to give the perfect fit to the body.

It is made of high-quality neoprene material, it is soft stretchy, and very comfortable. It has outstanding heat insulation so you can stay highly warm in water.

It has a unique front zipper design that makes it easy to take off and put on, it has a flat-lock stitched seams that keep the body warm in very cold conditions.

It has three layers of elastic and durable fabrics, the middle layer of neoprene material is soft, comfortable, waterproof, and heat insulation.

3. Synergy Triathlon Thermal wetsuit

This wetsuit is available in 5mm and 3mm thickness levels, all manufactured for the best warmth in water. It comes in different sizes for perfect fit, it has a hydrodynamic neoprene material.

It has an Astro Thermal liner design which gives extra warmth in colder temperatures, it is flexible and functions exceptionally. 

It has a super soft low neck.

It provides maximum buoyancy with the 5mm and 3mm wetsuits alike, this wetsuit allows swimmers to move faster, float higher, and save energy while doing so. 

It is durable and long-lasting, easy to put on and off with a back zipper design.

4. XUKER women men wetsuit

This wetsuit is suitable for unisex adults and teens, while it keeps you warm in cold water, it also protects your skin from sunburn, cuts, and stinging sea creatures.

It has a back zipper design in a vertical form that runs down from the top to the waist making it easy to put on and take off without needing any help.

It is made of a long-lasting neoprene material, it is soft, stretchy, and comfortable. 

The neoprene material at the middle layer of the wetsuit helps to keep you warm in water at all times.

5. OMGear wetsuit men women 3mm neoprene

The OMGear wetsuit is a full-body unisex wetsuit that was designed to keep your body warm in cold water at all times.

It also protects the skin from sunburn, and scratches on the skin by marine life and protects the skin from water pollution.

It is made of high-quality neoprene material, it is durable, soft, and stretchy and gives absolute comfort. It has a back zip design, easy to put on and off, it comes in different sizes.


And these are some of the best thickness wetsuits suitable for New England diving.

Where the water is still cold even in summer these wetsuits would keep you warm as you enjoy your outdoor swimming activity.

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