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The Best Wetsuit For Tall And Skinny People

The Best Wetsuit For Tall And Skinny People

Wetsuits are one of the important materials needed by a diver, swimmer, surfer, snorkeler, and anyone into any other water activities.

This is because wetsuits are made of neoprene material that insulates the body of a diver in the unavoidable harsh/cold temperature of the water.

Wetsuits also protect divers from harm of underwater wildlife like stings of jellyfish and so on, it also improves the buoyancy of a diver while the diver is engaged in water activity.

Now one of the main concerns of a diver when getting a wetsuit is how good it fits, tall and slim divers sometimes find it hard to find a good-fitting wetsuit that fits their frame.

Most tall and skinny divers are stuck with two options, to either order a custom-made wetsuit or buy one and hope it fits, not to worry the purpose of this guide is to help tall and skinny divers find the best wetsuit that fits them.

Best Wetsuit For Tall And Skinny People

• OMER 5mm Holostone camouflage wetsuit

• Cressi Tracina 5mm 2-piece camo wetsuit

• Sporasub 2mm blue deep wetsuit

• Salvimar krypsis camouflage wetsuit

• Riffe 3.5mm vortex camouflage wetsuit

1. OMER 5mm Holostone camouflage wetsuit

This wetsuit from the OMER store comes in a brown and white camouflage pattern, it is made with a stretchy fabric and neoprene, and it has a loading pad that is reinforced.

It comes in three different thicknesses, 7mm, 5mm, and 3mm. 

It has an abrasive-resistant knee design with an open-cell interior.

The color patterns of this wetsuit were designed for it to work in different environments, with an extra-stretch neoprene material that gives a diver maximum comfort while fitting a variety of different body sizes.

2. Cressi Tracina 5mm 2-piece camo wetsuit

Cressi Tracina wetsuit is made with an open cell neoprene and features a dark digital specter pat camouflage.

It was designed to make the wearer blend with the colors of the ocean ground for easy movement underwater and avoiding prey.

In the chest of this suit, there is a padded reinforcement, the hood, waist, and wrist feature a watertight seal, and the elbows waist, and knees feature power-tex reinforcements.

3. Sporasub 2mm blue deep wetsuit

This wetsuit features a photographed camouflage that reproduces colors and reflections of that of the sea surface allowing a diver to blend in with the sea to avoid prey and for easy hunting.

It has a beaver tail double snap designed top with a chest pad that is reinforced. 

It also has reinforced knees and it is made of an ultra-stretch open-cell neoprene to give good fit and maximum comfort for different body sizes.

4. Salvimar Krypsis camouflage wetsuit

Salvimar Krypsis wetsuit features a two-piece jacket with a hood and high-waist trousers that are very stretchy in design.

It gives maximum comfort due to the ultra elastic lining and neoprene, this also allows it to easily be put on and off.

The torso and knees have guards and reinforcement, it is durable, has a watertight seal due to the double GBS cross seam, and has double buttons attached to the beaver tail seal.

5. Riffe 3.5mm vortex camouflage wetsuit

The Riffe Vortex wetsuit was designed to help divers blend in with an underwater environment, made with a soft comfortable neoprene that lets it fit like a second skin.

Designed to give maximum comfort, it offers extreme warmth due to the glued and blind stitched seams that retain heat, this allows for a deeper and much longer dive.

It is made with eco-friendly open cell ultra-stretch neoprene, it has stitched seams that are blind and glued, it has a hooded top and at the beavertail, there are twin locking clips.

The pant has a high waist design with abrasive-resistant knee protection, they also have abrasion-resistant elbow protection.

Has a smooth seal at the ankle, wrist, and face. It has a chest pad, it has a vented hood that gets rid of excess air, and it is slip-resistant.


These wetsuits are some of the best ones tall and skinny divers can find and they are reasonably priced.

If you are a diver looking for a wetsuit to fit your height and size these are some of the best wetsuits to choose from.

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