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Can Swimming Goggles Protect You From Tear Gas?

There are a few things you can improvise swim goggles to be used for, like using for other water-based activities that do not include swimming, kayaking, and jet skiing for instance.

As long as the idea is to protect the eye, good swimming goggles can be used for it. 

Do not forget that the main purpose of a swimming goggles is for swimming so it might not work as well as you expect for other things you wish to improvise it for.

There have been lots of protests going around for a couple of years now, and maybe you are about to be involved in one and as protests go eventually there is bound to be tear gas at one point if things get rough.

So getting involved in a protest and you want to be ready just in case it takes a wrong turn and tear gas starts flying around, you need something to protect your eyes from the corrosive eye-endangering effects of the tear gas.

Thinking about using swimming goggles to protect your eye and keep the gas out, well the first and foremost function of a swimming goggles is eye protection.

Which leaves the question, can swimming goggles protect the eye from tear gas? 

Well, that is why we are here, to answer that question.

Can Swimming Goggles Protect You from Tear Gas?

Swimming goggles can help protect your eyes from tear gas, wearing swimming goggles to keep out tear gas is a good way to prevent being exposed to harmful chemicals in the gas.

Swimming goggles have a watertight seal around the eyes that prevents things from getting into the eyes. 

It also has adjustable straps to help u adjust the goggles for better fit, which in return aids for proper seal around the eyes.

However, the nose and mouth are still susceptible to the effects of the chemicals from the tear gas.

You can make use of a face shield with swimming goggles to fully protect your face. 

Using scuba goggles or a regular gas mask can help protect the nose and mouth even better.

Additional Information

There are other ways to reduce the impact of the harmful chemicals from the tear gas, and also how to flush your eyes if the tear gas does get into your eyes.

When on a protest and you have no gas mask face shield or even swimming goggles as an improvised way of protecting your eyes, always make sure you do not wear contact lenses to the protest.

Contact lenses store harmful particles from the chemicals in the tear gas while in use and this makes the effects of the gas worse.

The tears that come out of the eye when a tear gas hits is as a response to irritation.

The contact lenses also keep the tears in the eyes that try to escape which is a process of eyes cleaning itself, the contact lenses prevent it.

When tear gas has been sprayed you should try moving to higher ground like stairs.

This is because tear gas particles are heavy so it does not go up it fall after a short while.

When you are at a higher elevation from the height where the tear gas has been sprayed, it reduces the risk of getting caught in it and being affected by the harmful chemicals in the gas.

If the tear gas does get into your eyes the best thing to do is to flush it out.

One of the most effective things to use to flush it out is saline water, or bottled water works too.

So make sure you always carry bottled water or two when you go for a protest to stay hydrated and for emergencies.


So as improvising ideas go, making use of swimming goggles to protect your eyes from tear gas is not a bad idea. 

Your mouth and nose are still susceptible to the effects of the tear gas with only swimming goggles on

Make use of a face shield with the swimming goggles to get better protection from the harmful chemicals in the tear gas.

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