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Can You Wear Silicone Piercing Retainers For Scuba Diving?

Can You Wear Silicone Piercing Retainers For Scuba Diving?

Piercing retainers are used to cover up, hide, or disguise piercings, they are also used to keep open piercings and manage them during a period when a normal jewelry piece can not be worn.

Normally piercing retainers are clear, plastic tools that are specifically made to be worn on the body.

They also come in flesh-colored form, they are made of a high-grade acrylic called Lucite or Bioplast (PTFE).

These materials are used for piercing retainers because they do not have harmful chemicals that can affect the skin, however piercing retainers are not meant to be worn for a long time.

There are some piercing retainers made entirely of silicone, they come in 7 different tones. 

With how ideal silicone material is for water activities like swimming, diving, surfing, scuba diving, and so on, it is no wonder people keep asking if silicone piercing retainers can be worn to dive.

In this guide, you will learn if you can scuba dive with silicone piercing retainers.

Can You Wear Silicone Piercing Retainers For Diving?

Yes, you can wear silicone piercing retainers to dive.

Silicone Piercing retainers are made specifically for swimming, they are made with silicone material that is flexible and comfortable. 

These silicone retainers will not irritate your piercing, apply the retainer to your piercing and it will create a blockage between the water and your piercing.

Additional Information

There are other ways you can protect your nose piercing to prevent any form of infection:

1. Waterproof bandage

A waterproof bandage is a simple and very effective way of protecting your nose piercing while in water. 

These bandages are designed specifically with the intent to drive back water, they make sure that your piercing is dry while in the water.

Before applying the bandage, use a saline solution to clean your nose piercing and then place the waterproof bandage over the piercing. 

Be sure the bandage completely covers up the area of the piercing, and be sure it is sealed enough to stay in place while in water.

2. Nasal plugs

This is another effective and reliable option to use to protect your piercing from infection, they are small devices that are inserted into the nostrils. 

It then creates a seal that blocks water from getting into your piercing.

These plugs are used a lot by professional swimmers, people who like to spend a lot of time in water also make use of nasal plugs as they work efficiently. 

They are easy to use and can be put in and taken out easily.

They also come in different sizes for different nostril sizes.

3. Do not put your face in water

This option can not work for diving, however, if you want to make use of this option you can only use it for water activities that do not need you to submerge your face.

Like water aerobics, floating, and surfing if you are completely sure that you would not get put your face in the water and so on.

So this is viable another option if you are unable to cover up your nose piercing. 

This also helps to reduce the chances of water getting into your piercing which will likely cause an infection.

These are options that can help you prevent your nose piercing from getting infected. 

It is a general recommendation that people should avoid getting in the water with a nose piercing that has not fully healed.

The full healing process for piercing can take up to 4 to 6 months, and swimming in an ocean, pools, and or any other open water can allow for the piercing to be open to bacteria which would lead to serious infection.

A nose piercing that has fully healed is not easily vulnerable to infections, it is still best to cover up the piercing when going for a swim. 

The water of oceans, pools, and other open water bodies usually contains bacteria and other organisms that can cause one form of irritation or the other.


With the popularity of nose piercing in recent years, and people getting their nose pierced it has become highly necessary to have piercing retainers. 

And for those who are into water activities, silicone piercing retainers are perfect for them.

So yes, you can wear a silicone piercing retainer for diving and other water activities to protect your piercing from any form of bacteria that might cause infection or unwanted irritation.

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