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Do Boots Go Over Or Under A Wetsuit? Answered

Do Boots Go Over Or Under A Wetsuit?

The question of where boots are placed either over or under a wetsuit has been asked too many times, especially for those who are new to using a wetsuit.

It is a question that has plagued the minds of people for years with people giving one answer (under) and others giving another answer (over).

It has made people wonder which is the right method to follow. 

Should the boots go under or over the wetsuit, let's go over the answer to this question that has been asked for a very long time.

Do Boots Go Over Or Under A Wetsuit?

The most followed method for a long time has been to put the wetsuit inside the boots, but here is the thing there is no right or wrong way to wear a pair of boots either over or under the wetsuit works.

Some divers say the boots should go over the wetsuit so the wetsuit would not get torn, others say the boots should go under the wetsuit so water would not get it.

However both methods have proven to work, so now what remains is for you to try both methods and pick which one suits you best and enjoy your underwater activity.

Many divers have said wearing the boots under the wetsuit is more comfortable, and it gives a more watertight seal.

This however lets the wetsuit get worn out fast or rip at the ankles, this is why they mostly wear the boots over the wetsuit it still does its job effectively either way.

So in the end it is all a matter of preference as there is no right or wrong way to go about it, so pick either method and get along with your underwater activity.

Importance of wetsuit boots

Wetsuit boots are designed to provide an extra layer of protection for your feet, this is to keep your feet protected and warm at all times.

Experts have stated that cold gets in from the feet faster and goes to the body which can be very dangerous and cause hypothermia, so it is best to have wetsuit boots when in cold water.

Diving in cold water requires that you wear a full-body wetsuit, this is to provide a highly needed level of insulation. 

Swimming in cold water without a full-body wetsuit is dangerous.

You can still wear wetsuit boots with your full-body wetsuit for an even more added layer of protection and warmth. 

This is better to prevent against any unforeseen scenario.

Thickness of wetsuit boots

If you are wondering about how thick your wetsuit boots should be, then you should know that there is no one specific answer to how thick it should be.

This is because the thickness of your wetsuit boots relies on several factors, your preference, the temperature of the water, and whatever type of diving you are doing:

Preference: Some divers prefer thinner boots while others prefer thicker boots.

Those who prefer thinner boots say it is easier to move in so they prefer that.

Those who prefer thicker boots say it is more comfortable and provide better protection and warmth than thinner boots. So you just have to decide which works best for you.

Water temperature: When you are in colder waters, you need thicker boots coupled with your full-body wetsuit. 

Thicker boots give better insulation which in turn helps to keep your body even warmer.

Some divers even prefer to wear two sets of boots in extremely cold waters, they wear one pair of boots over the other to get that extra warmth.

Type of diving: This factor also affects the thickness of the boots you will wear.

If you are going to be diving for a long time then you will need thicker boots for a good level of protection and insulation.

If you are diving for a short period in shallow waters then you can use thinner boots seeing as you would not be spending much time underwater.


With all of that which has been explained, either method works. 

Some prefer their boots over the wetsuit, while others prefer to wear their boots under the wetsuit.

It just depends on which method suits you, so your preference is what would decide which method you wish to go with.

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