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Are Diving Masks And Snorkels Allowed On Flights?

Are Diving Masks And Snorkels Allowed On Flights?

Traveling to new destinations to snorkel is one of the things (aside from snorkeling itself) that snorkelers look forward to as the world is filled with amazing places and beautiful sites to explore.

While traveling to new destinations can be done by anyone for a variety of reasons that might not even include snorkeling diving or any other open water activity, they can easily take their belongings with them on the trip.

It is easy to travel when you do not have diving or snorkeling equipment to worry about.

It is always best to take your dive mask and snorkel that you know fits you well when you travel to other beautiful destinations.

So now the question remains if diving masks and snorkels are allowed on flights; this question will be answered in this guide.

Are Diving Masks And Snorkels Allowed On Flights?

Of course, diving masks and snorkels are allowed on flights.

I mean there is a high chance you can get this equipment at the destination you are traveling to but it is always advisable to travel along with your masks and snorkel for better fit, and comfort.

And to avoid the trouble of looking for a mask and snorkel that would fit and work well for you.

You can just have them put in your checked-in luggage which you would be checking in, it is not like they add any extra weight that could be a problem. 

Neither are they dangerous equipment to be worried about.

There is no reason whatsoever technical or otherwise, that would make an airline disallow you from traveling with your diving masks and snorkel on the flight.

However, it is best not to give them any reason to stop you from traveling with your diving mask and snorkel.

If you plan to travel for a short period then you would be traveling with a light suitcase as only a few items would be required.

You can just use a carry-on luggage and get your snorkel and diving masks into the carry-on, this would still amount to the same space you are about to occupy on the flight with your carry-on luggage.

However, traveling with more diving or snorkeling equipment like fins would require a bigger luggage, seeing as fins are usually big and would take up more space. 

Luckily there are some carry-on luggage that are bigger than the usual size.

Traveling for a longer period would mean you would have more items to travel with besides your diving mask and snorkel, so you would need a bigger suitcase to fit it all.

As I mentioned earlier you can get snorkel or diving masks to rent at the destination you wish to travel to, this is another option if you wish to travel without your mask and snorkel.

Unlike diving fins that you can easily slip into one that is not your fins and they would fit well and be highly comfortable, snorkel and diving masks are the opposite.

This is why many people do not like the idea of having to rent or borrow someone else’s snorkel or diving masks due to discomfort, it not fitting right, and the stress of finding that which would fit well.

Other diving or snorkeling equipment like wetsuits, can not go in carry-on luggage, this has to be in the checked luggage there are no exceptions for this.

There are some not-so-important items that snorkeling might require, like sunscreen lotion, a camera, rash guards, and so on.

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Mind you, you should be able to get these items at the destination you are traveling to.

You should put them in a small dry bag, and then into your carry-on luggage

The purpose of the small dry bag is to make sure that these items are dry at all times as water can damage them.


Yes, diving masks and snorkels are allowed on flights, there is no reason technical or otherwise why they would not be allowed. 

They do not constitute any form of danger whatsoever.

What you should be worried about is not losing your diving mask and snorkel, or them getting damaged by the time you arrive at your destination.

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