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Can You Take Your Dog Scuba Diving? (Honest Answer)

Can You Take Your Dog Scuba Diving?

Dogs are called man's best friend, they are very loyal, trusting, easily trained, and all-round wonderful pets to have. 

They can be taught to do a lot of things, really amazing things making them one of the best pets to have around.

People take their dogs on all sorts of fun activities, and you might have seen videos and pictures online of people taking their dogs scuba diving.

First off you have to be a good scuba diver yourself before you can even consider taking your dog scuba diving, but have you ever wondered how those people in the videos do it anyway? 

Well, I guess that is why you are here to find out if you can take your dog scuba diving.

Can You Take Your Dog Scuba Diving?

In a technical sense yes, you can take your dog scuba diving. 

I mean there are videos on YouTube to prove this to not only be possible but doable as it has been done.

If you have a ton of money to spend on equipment for your dog as regular scuba gear for dogs does not exist, the whole process is considered to be highly irresponsible.

There are a lot of factors to consider and to avoid for dogs, there is decompression sickness for dogs from shallow depths, this is unknown by the way. 

Also, how would your dog be able to communicate with you if something goes wrong while scuba diving?

Other issues can occur as well, like the dog having problems regarding the equalizing of its ears. 

All in all, it is just a really bad idea, and it is highly advisable to not take a dog scuba diving even if you have money to spend on the dog scuba diving equipment.

Taking a dog scuba diving even defeats the whole purpose of the underwater activity, the healthy impacts and observing the beauty of marine life are simply things dogs can not fully comprehend or experience.

Scuba diving itself is a very technical activity people even get certificates for it.

You can not scuba dive if you do not know of it, some people who are not experts even have guides who go along with them to scuba dive just to be safe as a couple of things can go wrong.

Even getting that scuba diving gear for dogs is not safe, it is very unsafe for a dog to go scuba diving. 

A dog can not be taught how to communicate on a dive about anything that goes wrong.

Also the dog might not even like the idea of scuba diving, but they have no say as they do not speak.

Dogs are great swimmers naturally, a lot of them have been trained to hold their breath a bit longer than regular, making them good as rescue pets to help rescue people stuck in the water.

But even at that there is so much you can teach a dog as opposed to human beings, there are just some things that dogs are not meant to do, no matter how much you try to teach them.

Certain technicalities would prevent it from being possible even if it becomes possible, it would be very unsafe, and one of these things would be scuba diving.

Dogs have been taught how to equalize their ears on land but in water is a whole different story, this can become a complicated problem.

Seeing as humans and dogs are very similar in a lot of ways, dogs tend to have the same problems humans do in a lot of situations like scuba diving, swimming, and flying among other things.


Dogs scuba diving has been done, so yes it is possible and doable as it has been done. 

But it is advisable to not do it as it is very dangerous and irresponsible.

There are a lot of risks and unknown factors like that of decompression sickness that is unknown for dogs. 

Also, the issue of dogs not being able to communicate if anything is wrong is a big problem.

The problem of the dog not being able to communicate if it is unable to equalize its ear while underwater. 

All in all, it is highly unsafe to take a dog scuba diving.

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