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Can You Fly With Swimming Goggles?

Can You Fly With Swimming Goggles?

You might have seen a little bit of resemblance between swimming goggles and goggles used for flying activities like skydiving, some designs between these two goggles look a lot similar from afar.

This might have made you wonder about what the differences between both goggles are, and if one can be used in place of the other in the activity they are specifically made for.

For instance, switching your skydiving goggles with swim goggles when you are about to go skydiving.

Is this something you have wondered about? like going on a flying activity with swimming goggles, is this possible?

In this guide, I will answer this question and give reasons as to why these goggles are completely different from one another.

Can You Fly With Swimming Goggles?

No, you can not fly with swimming goggles.

Swimming goggles were designed for swimming only, it is not even ideal to use swimming goggles for some other underwater activities especially deep diving activities like scuba diving, free diving, and so on.

It has dangerous side effects to scuba dive or free diving with swimming goggles, and those are still water activities that include aspects of regular swimming, the use of hands and legs.

Now for flying activities that include activities like speed flying, paragliding, skydiving, hang gliding, and so on, swim goggles are not ideal for these activities and can not and should not be used for them ever.

Goggles like that of skydiving are designed to handle the wind that comes as you freefall, they prevent your eyes from getting dried out as you make your way down.

Skydiving goggles are uniquely designed the avoid any form of obstructing of the view of the wearer.

Swimming goggles can not perform this task and would likely become an obstacle by obstructing the view of the wearer.

Skydiving goggles have special designs to aid divers as they freefall in the air, they are constructed with a series of small holes in the goggles for ventilation.

This is to keep the air circulating while you freefall, it also stops the goggles from fogging up. 

There are specific skydiving goggles that are designed to be worn over glasses and still do their job efficiently.

This is something that swimming goggles are not designed to do, swimming goggles would get fogged up and obstruct your view. 

This would be doing the exact thing that skydiving goggles are designed to prevent.

The human eye is a very complicated and fragile organ, there are so many things it can not handle on its own. 

Engaging in any flying activity without goggles designed specifically for that activity is a bad idea as it would affect your eyes and damage it which can even be permanent.

Additional Information

Even though you can not use swimming goggles for flying activities like skydiving, hang gliding, speed flying, paragliding, and so on, there are some other non-swimming activities you can use swimming goggles for.

Some of these non-swimming activities include kayaking or jet skiing. 

While swimming goggles' main purpose is to be used underwater to protect the eyes while enhancing visibility, they can also be used for something similar in other water-based activities:

Jet skiing

Jet skiing is a water activity done at high speed, it is a recreational activity and a competitive sport. 

It has one of the highest audiences for water-based activity in places like the UK, USA, Australia, and so on.

Jet skiing involves using a jet ski to travel across water at high speed, a lot of people involved in jet skiing sometimes wear swimming goggles to protect their eyes and enhance their visibility.


Kayaking is a water sport that involves the use of a kayak, this is a narrowboat that has a paddle with double tails for paddling to move around on water.

This water sport was initially created for hunting, but now it has become a fun recreational water activity. 

People involved in this sport make use of swimming goggles to enhance vision and protect their eyes.


It is very dangerous and irresponsible to think that you can use swimming goggles for flying activities like skydiving, speed diving, hang gliding, and paragliding.

These air activities have goggles designed specifically for each activity, each of them having some similarities yet they are different from one another.

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