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Can Swim Goggles Cause Bags Or Wrinkles Under Eyes?

Can Swim Goggles Cause Bags Or Wrinkles Under Eyes?

Experiencing bags or wrinkles under the eye is said by some to be unavoidable for long-term swimmers, it is also referred to as goggle eyes, raccoon eyes, or panda eyes in different parts of the world.

Eye bags or wrinkles under the eyes are markings that are found on the skin that are around the eyes, there are a couple of reasons why this can happen. 

Many people naturally develop wrinkles or eye bags as they get older.

This occurs when one gets older because at that point the skin elasticity is not as good as it used to be.

So as a swimmer are you worried about swim goggles causing bags or wrinkles under your eyes? In this article, we will find out if that is possible.

Can Swim Goggles Cause Bags Or Wrinkles Under Eyes?

Some professional swimmers who spend a lot of time in water constantly using swim goggles have complained about getting permanent bags and wrinkles under their eyes.

However, medically it has not been examined nor confirmed if swim goggles can cause permanent damage to the eyes in the form of bags or wrinkles under the eyes.

So it seems that long-term wearing of swim goggles can cause bags and wrinkles under the eyes, resulting in permanent damage to the skin around the eyes as many swimmers have put it.

Remember that this has no medical backing. 

But like with a lot of things in life, experience has often proven to be the best teacher.

Many manufacturers of swim goggles have tried to come up with different technologies to prevent their goggles from causing bags or wrinkles under the eye. 

Even if the goggles do give it, at least it should be for only a while and not permanently.

However this has not been perfected, swimmers still complain about using a swim goggle in the morning and the mark left under their eyes can still be seen hours after, most times for days after.

This is a problem that swimmers would like to avoid or be given a solution to, especially with the fact that bags and wrinkles under the eye come the older we get, so they would not love to speed up this process in any way.

Additional Information

Swimmers refer to this issue as goggle eyes, some call it raccoon eyes or panda eyes in different parts of the world.

Temporary goggles are normal if you have your swim goggles on for a very long time, it would leave markings on the flesh around your eyes for a couple of hours.

Depending on the technology of the swim goggles, some goggles' eyes are more visible than others and last longer than others. 

Here are two major reasons why goggle eyes occur:

Hard plastic of the goggle rim

Using swim goggles that have hard plastic would cause goggle eyes, making sure that you get goggles from a reliable brand that has soft seals around the rims will help in reducing goggle eyes.

Using these swim goggles with soft seals around the rims does not take away the goggles' eyes completely, it just reduces how visible it is and how long it lasts before it clears off.

However, these good swim goggles with soft seal around the rim have a limited time frame of 3 months when used regularly, most of them tend to get worn out and the plastic would get hard.

Over tight goggle strap

The straps of swim goggles have only one function, and that is to help keep and adjust the goggles on your face for a comfortable fit.

However some goggle straps are too tight, and some with adjustable straps are tightened by the user believing that this would help to keep out water.

Tightening your strap to prevent leakage does not work, it would only give u serious bags or wrinkles under your eyes. 

The rim of the goggles suction on your face is what gives a watertight (leak-free) seal.


Yes, swim goggles cause bags or wrinkles under the eyes. 

It is inevitable especially when you use swim goggles often, however, there are good swim goggles out there that can help reduce it and reduce how long it lasts.

Permanent damage can occur to the skin around the eye from long usage of swim goggles with hard plastic goggle rims.

If this happens you would need to see a dermatologist or a doctor for medical help.

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