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5 Best Swimming Goggles For Asian “Flat" Noses

5 Best Swimming Goggles For Asian “Flat" Noses

With the importance of swimming goggles for swimmers either as a professional swimmer or a beginner, it is always important to have the best swimming goggles that fit well on the face.

It prevents water from leaking into the goggles and affecting vision, as leakage would prevent the goggles from properly protecting the eye from anything harmful in the water. 

They also help to make swimming outdoors more comfortable.

Asians based on their basic facial structure have problems using just anyhow type of swimming googles.

Most regular swimming googles that would fit most faces usually leak on Asian faces, especially Asians with flat noses.

It can be rather difficult for an Asian with a flat nose to get good swimming goggles that fit their face well.

Are you an Asian with a flat nose? Is this a problem you face? Well then here I will list 5 reliable swimming goggles that would fit your face well.

The 5 Best Swimming Goggles For Asian Flat Noses

Fortunately, companies like Speedo has taken pride in manufacturing swimming goggles that fit well for Asians with flat nose.

Let's take a look at some of these swimming goggles.

1. Speedo Hydropulse mirror goggles

5 Best Swimming Goggles For Asian “Flat" Noses
Credit: Speedo

The Speedo Hydropulse mirror goggles a unisex adult swimming goggles that have wide vision lenses that enhance the peripheral vision of a swimmer.

It has a wonderful fit due to its soft seals.

It has a double silicone head strap that allows for easy adjustment and firm fit, and has mirror lenses that reduce glare and brightness allowing for proper vision. 

Has an anti-fog coated lens and UV protection too.

2. Speedo Fastskin speed socket 2 goggles

5 Best Swimming Goggles For Asian “Flat" Noses

This is another amazing swimming goggle from Speedo that is good for Asians with flat noses, it has a racing design referred to as “hydrodynamic design".

It has an amazing fit on the face with its double head strap design that also prevents water from leaking in.

It has a wide peripheral vision and a mirror lens that reduces glare and excess brightness.

The fitness is referred to as "speed socket fit", and it is good for outdoor swimming races (hydrodynamic race design) hence the name "fastskin speed-socket" googles.

3. Speedo 3-pack unisex-adult swim goggles

5 Best Swimming Goggles For Asian “Flat" Noses

These outstanding swim goggles from Speedo are mostly used for racing as it has one of the newly updated speed pocket design.

They are also part of the Speedo fastskin family.

It gives increased peripheral vision while retaining the classic speed socket fit of other Speedo swimming goggles, and has a secure and comfortable fit with its double-head silicone strap.

Designed to fit sleek, low-profile inner eyes and flat noses, has anti-fog coated lenses that give wonderful clarity, and it has a hypo-allergenic comfort seal.

4. Speedo Unisex-adult swim goggles vanquisher 2.0

5 Best Swimming Goggles For Asian “Flat" Noses
Credit: Speedo

The Speedo vanquisher 2.0 swim goggles are wonderful for outdoor swimming activities especially if you love to race.

They allow for good focus, and they give an inner eye fit with a low profile.

It offers one of the widest panoramic views to swim goggles if not the widest.

This swim goggles has UV protection with anti-fog lenses for a safe and clear view, and it has 4 adjustable systems for nose bridge that allow for a perfect fit on flat noses.

5. OMID polarized swim goggles for adults

5 Best Swimming Goggles For Asian “Flat" Noses
Credit: OMID

These swim goggles are from the OMID brand but it is just as effective and efficient as the other four swim goggles from the Speedo brand.

This is a polarized goggle that blocks out 99% of glare and excess reflected lights, quite comfortable with its silicone strap and adjustable nose bridge system for perfect fit.

It has an advanced anti-fog design it is leakproof with UV protection, and a 3D frame design that ensures a perfect fit and a curved lens for a wide field of view.


Finding the right swimming goggles can be tricky sometimes, especially for Asians with flat noses.

Yes, there are a lot of good swim goggles out there, but not too many of them offer an adjustable nose bridge design that lets them fit perfectly on flat noses.

In this guide, we have listed the 5 best swimming goggles for people with flat nose bridges including the our Asian fams.

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