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Why Do Swimmers Wear Swim Caps Even With Shaved Heads?

Why Do Swimmers Wear Swim Caps Even With Shaved Heads?

Swim caps are essential to swimmers mostly because they reduce drag while swimming.

They help to keep the hair dry and protected from chlorine as best as possible, and also keep a swimmer's hair from distracting them during a swimming session.

In a swim competition, any form of drag slows down a swimmer and that could result in the swimmer losing the race, and a swim cap allows the swimmer's body to be more aerodynamic and sleek underwater as it gets rid of any added drag that is caused by air.

Shaving off the body is something swimmers do before getting in a pool for a race, this has the same effect as a swim cap as it is done to reduce drag as much as possible.

People see some swimmers who have no hair on their heads yet they still wear a swim cap, it seems strange since there is no hair to cause drag or get in the way of their swimming activity. 

So why do swimmers with shaved heads wear swim caps?

Lets find out.

Why Do Swimmers With Shaved Heads Wear Swim Caps?

There are a few reasons why swimmers with shaved heads wear swim caps.

The main reason why many swimmers with shaved heads would decide to wear a swim cap is to protect their scalp from chemicals in the water.

Another reason is some pools require every swimmer to wear a swim cap before getting in the pool whether the swimmer has any hair or not. 

It is a rule that every swimmer at these particular pools has to follow including the swimmers with shaved heads.

Swimmers with shaved heads also wear swim caps as a way of showing unity and team spirit.

Swim caps also provide warmth on the scalp when in cool water. 

Even with the regulating of pool temperature swimmers still get cold so the swim cap helps to keep the scalp warm.

Swim caps help to distinguish one swimmer from another in an open water swimming.

For the safety of every swimmer in such swimming competition emergency personnel have to be able to spot a swimmer in distress and provide aid.

Does Swimming With Shaved Hair Make You Swim Faster?

yes, it has been recorded that when a swimmer in a swimming competition shaves all the hair on their body and covers that of their head with a swim cap they are likely to swim faster than they used to before shaving.

Reduction of body drag through shaving was taught as a season-long training program in some colleges. 

Now it has become something every professional swimmer does before getting in the pool for a race.

Importance Of Swim Caps

Swim caps can not completely keep the hair of a swimmer dry, but it sure reduces how wet it becomes as very little water is all that gets in. 

It also keeps the forehead smooth and free to secure a spot for a pair of swim goggles.

With only a little water getting into the hair of a swimmer thanks to a swim cap, it significantly reduces the amount of chlorine that gets to the hair and the damage that occurs to the hair from the chlorine.

Swim caps also help to increase the visibility of a swimmer, and reduce the amount of hair that gets into the pool's filtration system which causes for better hygiene in the pool.

From time swim caps have been used to protect hairstyles, and also to complete the outfit of a swimmer. 

It was a necessity for every swimsuit to have a swim cap at a point as it became a fashion element, this was mostly the case for women.

However, as swimming became more aggressive and competitive, and swimmers noticed that the swim caps allowed them to eliminate drag when allowed them to swim faster.

Swim caps were adopted properly as a means to get rid of drag while increasing every second of their lap times.


Since chlorine can be harmful to the scalp by drying out the skin on the scalp, it is best to wear a swim cap as it helps to significantly reduce the effects of the chemical.

I have listed a few reasons with benefits as to why a swimmer with a shaved head would wear a swim cap despite having no hair.

These reasons are why you often see professional swimmers with shaved heads in a race wearing swim caps even without having a strand of hair on their heads.

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