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Is It Bad To Pee In A Wetsuit?

Is It Bad To Pee In A Wetsuit

Peeing in your wetsuit is rather inevitable as you spend a lot of time in water like two hours or three.

And it becomes impossible to hold back the pee then you just have to let go.

However, some people pretend like they do not pee in their wetsuit, even though it is safe to say that everyone who is involved in water activity with a wetsuit has at a point peed in their wetsuit.

The reason why this is so inevitable is because we drink a lot of water daily to stay hydrated, it is very healthy to do so, the body then gets rid of waste liquid in the form of urine, and the urge to pee is even stronger while in the ocean.

When the human body is exposed to low water temperature it increases the production of urine and the urge to pee, this process is referred to as “Immersion Diuresis”.

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With all that, the question remains is it bad to pee in your wetsuit? Would it affect the wetsuit in any way? 

Divers are often worried if it would have a side effect or damage the wetsuit. 

Let's take a look at the answer to this question.

Is Peeing In A Wetsuit Bad?

The general answer to this question is no; it is not bad to pee in a wetsuit, however, there are some technicalities to peeing in a wetsuit.

Your pee does not have anything in it that can be harmful to your wetsuit, urine is made up of around 90 to 95% of water alongside chloride, sodium, potassium, inorganic sulfur, urea, and creatinine among other organic and inorganic compounds.

The mixture of all these compounds in your pee can not damage your wetsuit.

However, you should rinse your wetsuit properly in freshwater after usage to keep it in good form and also to get rid of the strong smell from the pee.

You should also add a household cleaner like PINALEN or any other good cleaner to the freshwater to rinse the suit would get it properly cleaned. 

There are also other products made specifically to clean your wetsuit if prefer to use something that Is not self-improvised.

You should not be ashamed or feel disgusted in having to pee in your wetsuit as peeing is a natural occurrence, pee is warm and can add extra warmth to your body in your wetsuit.

It also allows you to dive more comfortably and safer as holding in pee for too long is harmful and can restrict your diving abilities, so pee proudly in your wetsuit whenever you are pressed while in water.

But leaving urine in your wetsuit after a dive is disgusting and this can over time result in you not being able to use the wetsuit.

This is if you fail to properly rinse the wetsuit after peeing in it during a dive.

You should note that peeing in a wetsuit not cleaning it up properly afterward and then putting it on again for another dive session can lead to irritating skin rash.

Cleaning up the wetsuit with fresh water and a wetsuit cleaner or self-improvised cleaner (household cleaner) will help you get rid of the strong ammonia smell left behind from the pee.

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So next time when you put on the suit it smells fresh and not of strong pee stench.


If you are getting a wetsuit from a dive center, while some do not have a policy against peeing in the rental wetsuit, many others are totally against it as some people would not clean up the wetsuit after use and peeing in it.

So, please ensure you do not pee in a rental wetsuit if it can be avoided that is, and if it can not then ensure you clean up the wetsuit properly after.

Always rinse and sanitize a rental or borrowed wetsuit after use even if you do not pee in it, cleaning it up properly is just the hygienic thing to do.

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