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Are Clorox Wipes Okay To Be Used On Snorkel Masks? Answered

Are Clorox Wipes Okay To Be Used On Snorkel Masks?

After getting a good snorkel mask, and at the end of a wonderful dive with that snorkel mask, you had fun taking beautiful pictures of life underwater all part of the wonders of nature.

It is time to head back home to relax and check out the pictures you took and probably prepare for another day of snorkeling, but before you can do all that you have to clean your snorkel equipment.

Seeing as debris, sand, seaweed, shell fragments, salt water, and so on can cause damage to your equipment including your snorkel mask.

So, before you store away your snorkel equipment you have to clean them up, divers might wonder what is the best way to clean a snorkel mask and if certain cleaning tools like Clorox wipes may be an option.

Ever considered using Clorox wipes to clean your snorkel mask after going for a dive and before storing your mask away?

In this guide, you will learn if you can use Clorox wipes to clean snorkel masks; if they are safe or not.

Are Clorox Wipes Okay to be used on Clean Snorkel Masks?

The short answer is that Clorox wipes are not okay to be used on snorkel masks.

This is because Clorox wipes contain chemicals like ammonium chloride, C12, C13, and C14 alcohols, and dimethyl ethyl benzyl ammonium chloride as the main chemicals including water and fragrances.

Now, alcohol and some of these aforementioned chemicals can be harmful to the thermoplastics used in making snorkel masks, for example, chlorine can cause brittleness and make the mask eventually crack after a short while.

The Best Way to Properly Clean A Snorkel Mask

Now that you know you cannot use Clorox wipes to clean your snorkel mask here are simple yet effective processes to clean your snorkel mask without worrying about it coming to any harm.

Tip #1. After every use make sure you clean your snorkel mask with fresh water this goes for all your snorkel gears as well, clean them all with water to remove the sand and any debris that could be on them.

Tip #2. Soak your snorkel mask in warm water making sure it faces up, get a cleaning solution that is silicone-based like this one or you can use dish soap to soak the mask.

Make sure the water is warm and not too hot as that can soften the mask skirt which would make it not fit so well anymore. Remember to avoid any cleanser that has petroleum or alcohol in it.

Tip #3. Use a soft sponge or soft cloth to clean your snorkel mask after soaking it in the foamy water for about 20 minutes, this is to prevent scratches on your mask because that could disrupt the view and might allow bacteria to hide and grow in those scratches.

Tip #4. Always place the mask to dry properly before storing it away, this would prevent mold or bacteria from hiding in any remaining water on the mask. 

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Tip #5. Then keep your snorkel mask in its protective case after it is dried up properly then store it safely in a clean environment.


Clorox wipes are good for cleaning glass, mirrors, and nonporous surfaces, it is very good for dissolving grease and other stubborn substances in the kitchen.

It is also good for cleaning tough stains in bathrooms and wiping off sticky stains on desks at offices, it also fights off germs and bacteria making it a wonderful cleaning tool.

But even with all that It is not good for snorkel masks, so do not use Clorox wipes to clean your snorkel mask for whatever reason there may be.

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