How To Clean A Snorkel Mask In A Dishwasher

Wondering how you can clean your snorkel mask using a dishwasher?

Yes, you can clean a dirty snorkel mask in a dishwasher as long as you avoid the "Heated-dry" function.

Using the "Heated-dry" on a dishwasher to clean a snorkel mask will generate too much heat which can cause the plastics on the mask to curve or bend.

Moving on, in this guide you will learn how to clean your snorkel mask with a dishwasher.

How To Clean A Snorkel Mask With A Dishwasher

Since most snorkel masks are made with silicone material which is heat resistant, they can endure certain heat conditions so they can be dish-washed.

To clean a snorkel mask with a dishwasher, you will need to do this at low temperatures to avoid damaging the plastic parts of the mask.

Also, the mask should be placed on the top rack, and if you want you can wash your dishes together to minimize water wastage.

The dishwasher must be set to "Normal wash" and the "Heated-dry" function should be avoided completely, so try to open the door before that starts.

However, if you are not comfortable using a dishwasher, you can read this guide on how to clean a snorkel mask using a toothbrush and other home items.


And that is how you can clean your snorkel mask using a dishwasher.

Even though all sorts of things can be washed in a dishwasher, snorkeling pros do not recommend using one to clean your masks, and we stand with them but if you must then you should.

However, note that the results you get from washing your snorkel mask by hand with a toothbrush are not the same as that of a dishwasher recommends the former.

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