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Why Do Scuba Divers Dive Backwards?

Why Do Scuba Divers Dive Backwards?

Have you ever seen a scuba diver dive backward and wonder why they dive that way, perhaps you are new to scuba diving. 

Or you aren’t even a diver at all so it makes you question why scuba divers dive backward.

Then you asking the question why do scuba divers dive backward, well this article has the answer to your question. 

Let’s take a look at why scuba divers dive backward.

Why Do Scuba Divers Dive Backwards?

The act of scuba divers diving backward is called the “Backward Roll Entry Technique”, this style is an easier way to enter the water of the human body, and also divers use it to protect their diving gear. 

This diving style is used mostly on small boats or service boats.


This might come as a surprise to non-divers or novice divers but the scuba gear is heavier than it looks, especially with the way expert divers make it look like it is light so you would believe it is not heavy. 

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Well, it is part of why they are expert divers and they can do this with lots of practice.

When diving backward you fall on your oxygen tank which allows for easier entry.

If you dive forward the tank on your back adds to your weight as you enter the water adding extra strain on your body and discomfort.


You should remember to keep your regulators and gauges in the proper position, if you dive forward the impact into the water might knock loose your regulators and gauges and other equipment in your dive equipment.

Once you dive backward in a proper manner it prevents you from losing your equipment as you enter the water.


Diving backward is mostly used on smaller vessels as I mentioned earlier, it is imperative to keep the boat as stable as possible to allow for an easy dive into the water. 

These smaller vessels have low center gravity so a diver standing and diving in the water forward would shake things up on the boat.

So when you use the backward technique to dive in the water you reduce the rocking of the boat to a minimum for those left on board.

With this, you should now understand why scuba divers dive backward. 

Now we can take a look at the steps to use to execute a good backward dive:

How To Dive Properly Off A Boat Backwards

These steps below would help you successfully pull off a backward drive.

1. Get in the seated position to start your backward dive.

2. Get all your diving gear ready, put them on then take a seat.

3. Make sure you are facing the inner part of the boat as you sit on the edge of the boat.

4. Keep your legs crossed, this would allow for your legs to be together as you enter the water.

5. Check your equipment, make sure the gauges and the hoses are properly set mostly at the chest region, bite down on your regulator, and inflate your buoyancy compensation device (BCD), this allows for positive buoyancy.

6. Ensure your regulator is in the proper place with your right palm, and use the same hand to position your scuba mask on your face properly.

7. Ensure your mask strap is set properly at the back of your head with your left hand, this ensures that your mask doesn’t fall off as you enter the water and also prevents your head from hitting the valve of your tank cylinder.

8. Before you dive in, ensure there is no other diver around where you want to dive in, and also make sure there are no natural dangers in the water. 

9. When you’re ready put your chin on your chest and dive backward.

With these steps, you can properly dive backward off a boat.

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