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How Much Does It Cost To Fill Up A Scuba Tank?

How Much Does It Cost To Fill Up A Scuba Tank?

Scuba diving is a beautiful deep-water activity, it is fun and one of the most exciting underwater activities. 

Scuba diving has many applications like marine biology in the military, aquarium, and ship maintenance, underwater archeology photography, and so much more. 

It is essential to many aspects of underwater recreational activities. 

There are multiple factors to the cost of scuba diving, this is because a diver would need to purchase a lot of specialized scuba equipment to go scuba diving. 

Now asides from the main cost of getting the scuba equipment there are more expenses required to go scuba diving every time.

Asides from the payment incurred at the location you want to go scuba diving, there is the cost of filling up your scuba tank every time you want to go scuba diving. 

So how much can be used to fill up your scuba tank with air?

As you should already be able to surmise, the cost would vary depending on the size of your scuba air tank and the type of air you intend to fill it up with. 

The price might also vary at different dive shops; this could be part of their marketing or promotional strategies. 

The price can be vastly different depending on location, especially in the world at large.


The bigger the scuba air tank the more air to fill it up with and the more air, the more expensive it is to fill. 

The type of scuba tank size depends on the type of scuba diving you plan to go for and your personal preference as well can make you go for a bigger air tank. 

The bigger the tank the more you weigh and the more you weigh the more awkward swimming becomes, but still some divers prefer bigger air tanks.

There happen to be three most commonly used scuba air tank sizes. 

Do note that there are standardized sizes among divers all over the world. 

The sizes are measured by the capacity of air the tanks carry which are measured in cubic feet.

The three commonly used scuba air tanks are listed below:

  • 80 CU FT, 207 BAR (S80)
  • 100 CU FT, 232 BAR

The 100 CU FT, 232 BAR is recorded as the most commonly used cylinder among all divers, and it comes in two sizes (different dimensions). 

This site does not however change the amount of air both carry so the price of filling them should not be different.


With all that has been explained you can tell that the price to fill scuba tanks is not fixed, this is the cause of the highlighted factors above that can affect the price. 

However here are some of the available prices:

  1. $3-9 – for 0 to 40 CU FT
  2. $5 – for any capacity up to 207 BAR
  3. $10 – any capacity for cleaning
  4. $5-20 – up to 80 CU FT
  5. $10-32 – up to 120 CU FT
  6. $40 – 1 CU FT

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