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Why Does The Hair Feel Rough After Swimming In A Pool? Answered

Why Does The Hair Feel Rough After Going In The Swimming Pool?

If you swim a lot you may have noticed that your hair usually feels weird or rough after coming out of the pool as opposed to swimming in a river or at the beach.

The reason why your hair feels rough after every swim in a pool is due to the additives that are usually added to it as a disinfectant.

It could also mean that the products that you use on your hair could be contraindicated with some of those disinfectants.

And the chances of them permanently ruining the general texture of your hair are not low.

If you are wondering what those disinfectants are, continue reading, you will also find out what you can do to control the changes they make to your hair.

Why Does The Hair Feel Rough After Going In The Swimming Pool?

The reason why the hair feels rough after going into the swimming pool is due to the chlorine.

Chlorine is added to pool water to disinfect it.

When it is poured into the pool water breaks down into many different compounds to kill germs and bacteria and protect the swimmers.

However, just like every good thing in the world Chlorine has its side effects, and there are a lot.

Some of these side effects can irritate the natural oils in the skin or hair; this is why your hair usually gets so rough and sometimes smells er swimming in a pool.

How to Avoid Side Effects of Chlorine as a Swimmer

If you have been battling rough hair and irritated skin every time you swim in a pool, there is a solution to avoid or control it.

To do this, always shower before and after using a swimming pool especially a puba a lic one.

Try to use a pre-swim cream like this one on your hair before you enter any swimming pool.

There is also a post-swim dechlorinating spray you can also use on your hair after swimming in a pool but need to shower before using it.

Doing these will protect your skin and hair from the adverse effects of Chlorine.


And that is all you need to know about the question “why the hair feels rough after going in the swimming pool?” and all the things you can do to prevent and protect your skin and hair from pool additives.

Chlorine is one of the most common pool additives, it is used to prevent germs and bacteria that might be in the pool from affecting the users.

Unfortunately, even with the protecting powers of Chlorine in pool water, it still sucks the natural oils from the hair and skin of the swimmer, leaving it dry and rough.

But they are ways to control these drying effects, we have made sure to include them in this article, and we hope you will find them helpful.

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