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What Happens If You Fart While Scuba Diving?

What Happens If You Fart While Scuba Diving?

To fart is a natural occurrence for every human being, it does however vary from person to person how much it smells or how much noise it makes when the gas comes out. 

Sometimes the smell could be affected by what the person ate the night before or a few hours earlier.

Remember to fart is very healthy. 

Everyone should fart at least twelve to fifteen times a day.

Some people can control how much sound their fart makes on land, but would that work underwater?

People often wonder if you can fart underwater, and the answer is yes you can. 

But there comes a point when you’ve gone deep underwater that you won’t feel the need to fart even if you felt like farting previously, it would feel like you don’t know how to fart anymore.

What Happens If You Fart While Scuba Diving?

As I previously stated, to fart is natural, everyone farts.

Farting is a necessary part of the human digestive process, on rage, a person should fart twelve to fifteen times daily. 

An average person produces 500 to 2000 milliliters of gas daily just by farting.

How strong, how much it smells, and the quantity of fart can be affected by health issues, the type of food you eat, and some environmental factors.

The process of the gas coming out of an individual system is the same in water as it is on land. 

A gas produced by digestion in the intestine or from the normal air we breathe in and out builds up to a certain amount that we then feel the need to expel out of our body.

When you fart in the water the gas comes out and floats two toward the face like the regular air bubbles we breathe out. 

The smell and noise from the fartfollow ittntotheurface where it gets released as the fart bubble bursts as it gets to the surface.

The type of swimsuit you have on would determine if the gas would escape and float to the surface. 

The gas bubble might be trapped or stopped from moving to the surface of the water.

Would A Scuba Diver's Buoyancy Be Affected By Farting Underwater?

It is known that scuba divers experience a change in buoyancy the deeper they go. 

As the scuba diver goes deeper into the water the gas from the fart that is trapped in the wetsuit coupled with the air in the BCD becomes compressed, which causes the diver to lose buoyancy.

But when the scuba diver ascends the gas in the wetsuit or drysuit expands and so does the air of the BCD, this allows for the scuba diver to regain buoyancy. 

To manage or adjust the buoyancy, the scuba diver removes air from the BCD.


A diver can modestly adjust their buoyancy with their breathing. 

When the diver takes a deep breath he/she would rise a bit, when they breathe out fully he/she would descend a bit. 

Finally when a diver fart in their wetsuit gas is lost from the body of the diver so they would technically lose buoyancy.

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