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How To Use Baby Shampoo To Defog Your Snorkel Mask

How To Use Baby Shampoo To Defog Your Snorkel Mask

When you think about how easy it is for a snorkel mask to fog up it gets frustrating for divers or snorkelers be expert divers/snorkelers or a novice, it is something they all experience. 

Some might even say it is nearly inevitable for snorkel masks not to fog up during a dive. 

Divers look for ways to defog their snorkel masks all the time I’m sure you’ve come across it online that baby shampoo works to defog your snorkel mask, I can tell you for a fact that you can indeed use baby shampoo to defog your snorkel mask. 

It is also as effective as your regular anti-fog solution gotten from stores. 

You are however wondering how to make use of baby shampoo to defog your snorkel mask. 

In this article, I will explain to you how to use baby shampoo to defog your snorkel mask, also how to prevent your snorkel mask from fogging up in the future, and what may cause your snorkel mask to fog up.

How To Use Baby Shampoo To Defog Your Snorkel Mask

My friends and I have often tried to defog or snorkel mask severally by ourselves without using getting the anti-fog solution sold in stores.

I sometimes feel like buying those things are a waste of money as I can get it done myself, but I have to say I was wrong I couldn’t defog it by merely cleaning the snorkel mask with regular mask cleaners among other things. 

I tried using toothpaste to defog my mask as well, it worked but it isn’t as effective as using baby shampoo.  

I can guarantee that baby shampoo works effectively it has helped me severely when I’m underwater by keeping my goggles and snorkel mask very clear and sharp. 

There are the steps to using baby shampoo to defog your snorkel mask: 

  1. Add about four drops of baby shampoo to the inside of the glass part of your mask/goggles. 
  2. Use the tip of your finger to rub and spread the shampoo properly to cover every part of the glass surface.
  3. Then rinse off the shampoo from the snorkel mask, you can then get in the water to see and enjoy the clarity and sharpness of your defog snorkel mask. 

It is indeed easy, right? This is how to use baby shampoo to defog your snorkel mask. 

By the way this is the baby shampoo I use, you can also keep some in a little travel bottle like this one, so you’ll have some with you wherever you go.

Ways You Can Prevent Your Snorkel Mask From Fogging Up In The Future

In my experience, it is mostly better to prevent something from happening than to find its cure, after all, there is a saying that “prevention is better than cure". 

As a diver or snorkeler, you can always find ways to defog your mask, but wouldn’t it be better to prevent your mask from fogging up, to begin with? 

As I noted earlier it is almost impossible to stop your mask or swimming goggles from fogging up. 

However, there happen to be a few things you can do to reduce how much your snorkel mask or swim goggles fogs up. 

These things aren’t difficult to do once done in the right way you would enjoy a clear, sharp view while diving underwater for a long period are the things to do: 

  1. Once you are done using your snorkel mask, always rinse it with warm water and then dry it up with a dry towel, make sure to do this after every use. 
  2. Make it a habit not to touch the lens of your snorkel mask all the time, especially before making use of them. 
  3. Do not wear your snorkel mask while your face is wet, it is always best to keep water out of your snorkel mask as much as possible. 
  4. Do well to have an anti-fog solution with you at all times, like keeping a little bottle of the defogging baby shampoo in your snorkel bag as I previously suggested, or a little bottled-up antifog solution gotten from the store. 

Do well to follow these instructions and you are well on your way to enjoying a fog-free snorkeling experience at all times. 


What Causes Snorkel Masks To Fog Up?

There are indeed a few reasons why your snorkel mask or dive goggles get fogged up while you’re snorkeling or free diving. 

It is best to know these reasons to be able to spot them beforehand. 

The most common reason would be the condensation of water vapor in your snorkel mask or dive goggles. 

This allows for the temperature of the mask in and out to be different, and moisture always sticks to surfaces so it then sticks to the lens of the mask and that is what brings about fogging of snorkel masks. 

Dirt or grease somehow coming in contact with your snorkel mask can also bring about fog onto your mask, so dirt or grease sometimes is what causes your snorkel mask or dive goggles to fog up.

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