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Can You Scuba Dive With A Swim Cap? Answered

Can You Scuba Dive With A Swim Cap?

Are you wondering if you can scuba dive with a swim cap?

It is not a surprise that gears for scuba diving are very different from that for swimming.

This is because each activity requires different skills and techniques; the gears used for swimming are very different from that of scuba diving.

Some of these gears require special skills to handle others not so much.

Swim caps don’t need to be a pro to use, its function is just to protect your hair, scalp, and keep it out of the way while swimming.

Scuba divers do not need to cover their hair unless they want to and they can use hoods for that.

So what about swim caps? Can you safely scuba dive with it? Find out more as you read.

Can You Scuba Dive With A Swim Cap?

The short answer is yes, you can scuba dive with a swim cap.

The purpose of a swim cap is mainly to protect your hair in the water, give you warmth, and help keep your hair in place.

If you decide not to scuba dive with a swim cap, you can always go for a diving hood; pretty much has the same function.

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But, there isn’t anything wrong with using a swim cap for diving; just make sure that the swim cap is the correct size so that it will not slip off amidst the tree and distract you.

A good swim cap we recommend for scuba divers is this one from Speedo, a bit on the expensive side but it is quite durable.


Hope this answers your question about if you can scuba dive wearing a swimming cap.

It is not a must you cover your hair while diving or swimming.

Although most people do it just to protect their hair from drying out due to the disinfectants in some pools.

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Some just use swim caps because they have long hair, that way their hair will never get in the way while they are underwater.

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