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Can Jellyfish Sting Through A Wetsuit? Answered

Can Jellyfish Sting Through A Wetsuit? Answered

Are you wondering if a Jellyfish sting through a wetsuit?

Although there have been reports of jellyfish seen in many local diving and snorkeling spots.

This is not uncommon as they are part of marine life just like every other sea creature.

So it would be hard to avoid the little creatures even with the fact that their stings can irritate the skin and in some rare cases lead to loss of life.

So how well can a wetsuit protect you while diving or snorkeling in a jellyfish habituated marine life? 

In this article, you will find out all there is to know about jellyfish stings and wetsuits, how to care for jellyfish stings, the magic of vinegar and aspirin on underwater injuries, whether should you pee on a jellyfish sting, and more.

Can Jellyfish Sting Through A Wetsuit?

The short answer is that no, a jellyfish cannot sting through a wetsuit.

This is because of the material that most wetsuits are made with, rubber.

Wetsuits are worn to prevent water from coming into contact with the skin, so a sting from a jellyfish is pretty much useless as it will lose its effect before it gets to your skin.

But that doesn’t mean the area that the wetsuit is not covering is safe, your hands, legs, and head need too equally protected too.

That is why extra gear like gloves, boots, and hood are always recommended to both beginner or pro divers and snorkelers.

How to Care For a Jellyfish Sting

The sting from a jellyfish feels like a mild electric shock, it can irritate the skin and make the victim table.

Most often it causes rash, and skin swelling, and in some cases, their stings can be us.

And if you accidentally get stung by one, the first thing you need to do is to get out of the water immediately.

Next, you need to apply 2 third diluted vinegar to the sting area and let sit for a while; this will also sting but it will help with the jellyfish venom.

After that an Aspirin to reduce the pain; avoid water for a while till the jellyfish sting heals properly.


And that is all you need to know about Jellyfish stings and wetsuits.

Wearing a wetsuit while diving or snorkeling as well as other garments mentioned in this article in water that habitats a lot of jellyfish will protect you from their stings.

Although the sting from a jellyfish is rarely life-threatening, it is not a good idea to touch them; just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

If you accidentally get stung, follow the procedure above on how you can care for it and get it to heal fast.

And no, peeing on a jellyfish sting will not ease the pain nor will it heal it properly; this is just an old wives tale, peeing on any injury can further irritate it.

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