The 5 Best Swim Goggles For People With Big Nose

Looking for the best swim goggles as a swimmer with big nose?

Swim goggles have two main function, and this is to help swimmers see properly when submerged underwater and to protect their eyes from whatever harmful thing to the eye that they might come across underwater, like irritations which can be caused by chlorine in pools.

When a swimmer sees better they are aware of their surroundings and can avoid obstacles like pole walls and other swimmers.

Swim goggles allow swimmers to feel more comfortable underwater, giving them more confidence as they see their part clearly and it allows them swim for longer period of time in water.

You have a big nose or a big pointy nose and you really want that pair of goggles that is anti-leak, well you can relax because this article has what you need.

I will be giving you a few options to choose from when you want to go diving with good goggles that would fit your face well.

Below is a list of good goggles for people with big nose to choose from:

The 5 Best Swim Goggles For People With Big Nose

1. Best Swim Goggles For People With Big Nose: Aqua Sphere unisex kayenne swim goggles

Best Swim Goggles For People With Big Nose
(Image credit: Aqua Sphere)

I start the list with the Aqua sphere swim goggles because it is a durable perfect for swimmers with big nose and easy to use goggles for beginners and expert swimmers. 

It is one of the goggles I used when I newly started swimming.

The Kayenne swim goggles has a easy-fit buckle, with silicone strap that ensure durability and comfort, it adjusts nose bridges, and it has an oversized piexisol lens.

The Aqua Sphere goggles has a curved lens that allows for clear visibility, it has hydrodynamics with 180 degree wide field of vision.

This swim goggles is created with UVA/UVB protection, this is accompanied with scratch resistant anti-fog lens. 

This allows for less worry with a vision in water that is crystal clear providing an amazing swim experience every time.

Extra Features:

  • It has dark lens that reduces light transmission to the eye. 
  • This reduces brightness and makes it ideal for outdoor swimming activities and for sunny weather.
  • It has curved lens technology, for clear and wide field of vision.
  • Suitable for all types of swimmers, from new to professional to seasoned swimmers.
  • It has high quality gear that allows it to protect the eyes of the swimmer in pools

2. Best Swim Goggles For People With Big Nose: OMID comfortable anti-fog swim goggles

Best Swim Goggles For People With Big Nose, omid
(Image credit: OMID)

This is a unisex swim goggles for adults with big nose, it adjust nose bridges. 

It also works for swimmers with regular size noses, it is sturdy, durable and long lasting, a highly recommended swim goggles.

The OMID swim goggles is very comfortable, leak proof and highly durable. 

The goggles has a mirrored system which removes some of the glare in the water surface, the view of the goggles is a bit dark, this allows for better viewing in a place where there is too much light.

It has a vertical light filter, this also removes the glare in water, it makes vision in water clearer and crispy. 

This is appropriate for viewing of activities underwater.

Extra Features:

  • It shields the eye from UVA/UVB harmful sun rays.
  • It has a soft frame made for comfort.
  • It has an outer eye fit for comfortable fit on different faces.
  • Head-strap can easily be adjusted with the side release clips.
  • Has anti-fog lens for maximum clarity.

3. Best Swim Goggles For People With Big Nose: Seago anti-fog swim goggles

Best Swim Goggles For People With Big Nose
(Image credit: Seago)

This swim goggles is suitable for adults men and women, teens, and children. 

It is an excellent choice when considering swim goggles for big nose, it was made to have the perfect fit on variety of faces.

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The Seago swim goggles has an easy to adjust strap within seconds, it is able to fit various head sizes and still have a marvelous fit.

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It has a crystal clear vision, it prevents water condensation that is in form of small droplets that looks like fog on water surface.

Extra Features:

  • It was made with an anti-fog and clear vision system, this prevents against blurry vision underwater.
  • It is very comfortable, thanks to the easy to adjust strap.
  • It has a watertight and a leak proof design.
  • It has UV protection, there’s a special treatment in and out of the flat lens that allows for UV protection.

4. Best Swim Goggles For People With Big Nose: RIOROO swim goggles

RIOROO swim goggles honest review
(Image credit: RIOROO)

This swim goggles comes with HD lens this allows for clearer view underwater. 

It is suitable for unisex adults and youths with clear wide vision, good fit for variety of faces including those with big nose.

It has a curved lens design, this solves a rather common swimming problem by allowing for a wider vision of  at least 180 degrees.

This swim goggles has a silicone gasket design that is soft and flexible, a headband that is easy to adjust, it also has a TPR ergonomic nose bridge for different nose sizes and it is extremely soft for perfect fit.

Extra Features:

  • It has a comfortable no-leak design, and works for different types of face shapes.
  • It comes with a panoramic clear field of vision, this with the HD lens allows you to see underwater clearly without experiencing any blurs or deformation.
  • It has anti-fog system and HD lens for clearer field of view.
  • It uses a polarized lens, which helps to protect your eyes from UV and strong sunlight damage.

5. Best Swim Goggles For People With Big Nose: SBORTI adult swim goggles

SBORTI adult swim goggles reviews
(Image credit: SBORTI)

We come to the last swim goggle on this short-list, this is another extremely durable swim goggles for unisex adults. 

It is very good for swimmers with big nose or big pointy nose. 

It is sturdy, very durable and long lasting.

This swim goggles innovative system provides optimal comfort, it offers comfortable fit with its middle eye system. 

A soft feel with the gasket that rests within the eye orbital. 

It has a comfortable frame and a side release fit clip that is used to adjust the head-strap.

Extra Features:

  • It comes with a UV and anti-fog protection, UV system protects your eyes fromd harmful sun rays.
  • It fits comfortably,and  the adjustable clip-on strap allows the goggle to fit any face shape comfortably.
  • Leak-proof, it has a soft frame which provides extra comfort and a leak-proof seal that keeps the water out.
  • These swim goggles are great for both indoor and outdoor water sports activities.


And that is all we have on the best swim goggles for people whose nose are on the larger side.

If you want the one for wide nose bridge, you can check out this guide.

While compiling this list, we considered a lot of factors including the buckle system, anti-fog properties, durability, and frame type.

Hopefully, this list will help you make the right choice whenever you decide to surf the market for new swimming goggles.

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