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How To Travel From The United States To Europe By Boat

How can you travel from the United States to Europe by boat

Are you thinking of going to Europe from the United States but you wish to journey by sea?

Transportation through water isn't usually the first choice on anyone's mind because of the speed.

A lot of people prefer traveling by air due it is faster than the other modes of transportation, this is not to say that sea is not possible. 

It is possible, a few people still travel on boats to long-distance locations. 

Europe is over six thousand kilometers away from the United States the map, getting to Europe which is in France, using a boat will be a very long journey that could take days.

However, if you have made up your mind to get to Europe from the United States using a boat, they are steps you can take to make this journey happen and when it does, eventful. 

In this guide, you will learn how to get to Europe from the United States using a boat, how to book a ship for a long sea trip, and how to prepare for a long boat trip.

How to get to Europe from the United States using a boat

You cannot get to Europe from the United States on a boat as far as sea travel goes but you can use a ship, a cruise ship, or a freighter ship.

The latter would be my first choice as cruise ships are mostly crowded with people since it's mostly for ferrying people. 

Freighters are the best choice for long journeys and as they are less crowded, though it is a cargo ship, but the possibility of bumping into other passengers is 5 out 10.

How to book a ship for a long sea trip

Before embarking on this journey, you will need to consider the distance and if you want to use a ship throughout your journey. 

Keep in mind that a complete journey by sea to Europe from the U.S is supposed to take a week depending on the speed of the ship, however, ships aren't really fast, boats aren't either so your journey could exceed a week.

Once you have made up your mind on the type of journey you want: a complete journey or a stop on the way and take a bus or train kind, you may begin booking your reservation. 

Please note also, journies by sea are a bit on the expensive side, a freighter liner could charge you $65-$160 per night, so an average person could be spending over $1500 for a journey to Europe from the U.S.A.

To begin booking your reservation, contact freighter ship companies that carry passengers like Maris or Mundy, ask for their rates, travel times, however, you have to book in advance since freighters can only take no more than 12 passengers on one travel.

If you want to use a cruise ship instead, you can use Cunard or Royal Caribbean, the trick is to always call in advance for any booking.

How to prepare for a ship trip

They are a couple of things you will need to do before a long journey using a ship.

At the time of contacting the shipping companies, you will be asked to pick the type of sailing that will suit you.

Once you have booked your fare and must have paid with a credit card. You should do your best to print out your confirmation email. 

Next, gather your passport, government-issued identification card, and email confirmation printout. Keep them all together as you will need them for your trip.

Once you have had your documents ready, you need to consider extra cash, apart from your ship fares, the possibility of extra costs occurring during the journey is high, so carrying a bit of extra cash is important.

For what to pack for the journey, practical clothes for every weather that will need is a go-to. Books and movies are crucial especially if you will sailing on a cargo ship (freighter).

For snacks, shipping companies have policies on this, most of them have a strict rule on what type of snacks to bring on a ship trip. However, you can call in advance to find out what is allowed. 

Also, keep in mind how much time you would spend on your phone and how you will stay connected with your loved ones, normally cruise ships usually offer free wifi but they generally charge for data usage which can be pricey.

Finally, on the day or a day before your ship trip, ensure that you stay close by, you can lodge in a motel or hotel that is nearby the port so as not to miss your ship.


The only type of sea transportation that can take you to Europe from the United States is a ship and it will be a very long journey.

However, if you are determined and don't want to use a plane, they are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before embarking on this journey, I have mentioned above. 

While sailing around the world can be fun and adventurous, it is not exactly for the faint-hearted.

Photo by Ahmet Kaplan from Pexels

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